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A root cause approach to your health

Get to the bottom of what's driving your conditions rather than simply managing symptoms
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Comprehensive Wellness

My practice centers on nutritional therapy - a holistic approach

My practice is run a little different than what you are used to in health care. Rather than just looking at symptoms and finding a bandaid solution, nutritional therapy looks deeper into why are you having that symptom in the first place. Going back to the foundations of health, I find where your body is imbalanced and when we rebalance it... everything changes!

Just like a whisper, our bodies send us messages, signals, and cues that can give us insights into our overall health and well-being.
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Do you struggle with any of these symptoms?

If you have been to the doctor to address some symptoms only to be told “your labs look normal”, nutritional therapy is for you. Using a 300+ question symptom questionnaire, targeted lab testing and thorough health history analysis, I find what areas of your body are heavily burdened and address those areas for root cause wellness.

Weight Loss Resistance
Brain Fog
Hormone Imbalance
Irregular Period
Menstrual Disorders
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How it works

Start With a Free Call

Let's chat! I believe that the first step to solving any challenge is understanding it. Book a free 20-minute discovery call to discuss your health challenges and goals.

We Get Started!

After your discovery call, you can schedule your initial consultation. I love this appointment because I can get a really good picture of your health and what we should focus on to reach your goals. You will get a personalized nutrition plan at this visit tailored to your goals.  

Choose Your Package

Based on what we discussed in the initial consultation, you will book a package. All packages are 3-6 months in length because change takes time and I want to be with you for the whole process and give you the support you need to get the best results.

Let's continue the work!

Great results take time. Because everyone's health challenges are different, I have several package options you can schedule after your initial interview visit. Based on what we discuss, I may recommend additional testing to get to the root cause of your symptoms. Over the course of 3-6 months, we will work together to help you THRIVE!

Happy Client

Koreana is such a pleasure to work with!  She right away identified what was causing my afternoon slumps and made recommendations to changes in my diet that gives me sustained energy throughout the day.  She is very thorough and thoughtful in her approach.  I saw a difference in my level of energy and ability to digest food better quickly.  Thank you, Koreana!

pricing and plans

A variety of packages & plans

I offer several packages to fit your needs and goals. All packages are designed to address specific health concerns, optimize nutrition, and promote lasting changes.

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Initial Consultation

With a 300+ question wellness assessment, we will work to find the root cause of your health issue. Whether it is digestive, energy, skin or hormonal troubles, we go back to the foundations to address the root cause. After through analysis, I will create a personalized plan with targeted nutritional support for your symptoms.

Dietary and Nutrient Analysis
Symptom Assessment
Recommendations and Education
Personalized Nutrition Plan Tailored To Your Goals